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Since its opening in the early nineties, TNW Firearms Inc., has been a leader in the manufacture and development of historical weaponry and accessories. We pride ourselves on preserving firearms history for collectors, museums and movie companies. Our company relocated to Vernonia, Oregon in 1994, where we were able to grow with onsite R&D, testing, and production. TNW conducts much of its business and manufacturing locally and partners with a large network of companies in the greater Portland area. From its first product, the Semi auto Browning 1919, TNW Firearms has grown to provide an array of products expanding into the shooting sports and national defense markets. In 2012 TNW introduced the new Aero Survival Rifle; this original designed firearm incorporated technology and features that had never been used in the carbine rifle market. Working forward from that platform, TNW is currently in development of some exciting new products that will cater to the next generation of sports shooter.

Being located in a small Northwest community, we are very involved in local issues and have contributed to FIRST Robotics and sponsored Little League teams. We pride ourselves on giving back to local groups by giving tours to high school World War II classes, donating firearms to local law enforcement for training and also to fund raising groups. TNW Firearms is happy to conduct their business in Vernonia and to have many local residents on our staff.

Being a part of the U.S. firearms manufacturing community, we at TNW Firearms realize the role we play in the both the preservation of our shooting heritage as well as the development of products for the next generation of firearms enthusiasts. We know that we have to draw on some of the rich insight of the greatest designers and manufacturers the world has ever seen. That is our heritage as Americans. We know that we are making a product that will last not years but generations. Attention to quality, materials and design are critical for a product that will last hundreds of years. Our industry is one of the last made in USA “durable goods” and just like when your grandfather passed down his old shotgun we expect that every firearm and all of the history that comes with it will always be preserved.

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