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Aero Survival Pistol Aero Survival Pistol Multi-Caliber Package Aero Survival Pistol with Extended Handguard and SB Tactical Brace
Aero Survival Pistol
Price: $919.00
The Aero Survival Pistol is a winner in home defense and is the perfect companion for backpacking, flying, and hunting trips. This lightweight firearm is able to be disassembled easily to fit in TNW’s specially designed backpack, so it is ready to go anywhere.

This package gives you all you need to convert your new ASP to any of the three available calibers you choose.

This package includes

1 Aero Survival Pistol
2 Additional Bolt Heads
2 Additional Magazines
2 Additional Barrels
1 Extra Trigger Housing
1 TNW specially designed backpack

*Accessories on the ASR and ASP may vary in style and specs. This includes stocks, pistol grips and buffer tubes. Flip-Up Sights Not Included.
*ASP Pistols and Tac Pistols are not legal in California.

3 level ballistic protection plate is sold separately.

ATF Information:

ATF Ruling 2011-4. This Specifies that you can not own a pistol barrel if you own just the ASR Rifle without having an SBR License. Essentially this ruling means that you can't just switch your rifle into a SBR without first going through the proper channels and get your SBR License. Click Here to get the paperwork needed to get your SBR license.

For a nice breakdown on what this means you can check out this article from thetruthaboutguns.com. It gives a nice overview on how to stay within the law.

For more information about how you can put a stock or folding stock on a pistol check out this article from guntrustlawyer.com. You can also check out the ATF's ruling on stabilizing braces here.
Aero Survival Rifle Aero Survival Rifle - LEFT SIDE CHARGING HANDLE Aero Survival Rifle - LTE - 9MM
Aero Survival Rifle
Price: $919.00
Aero Survival Rifle Multi-Caliber Package MG34 Semi-auto SDI Pistol
MG34 Semi-auto
Price: $4,699.00
SDI Pistol
Price: $995.00
MG34 Semi-auto Own a Piece of German History

This light weight machine gun was arguably one of the finest in the world at the time of it's deployment with the German Army during Franco's nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. It's attributes included, speed (800 - 900 rounds per minute), weight (small enough for one soldier to carry), and an effective range of approximately 2,000 meters.

TNW's semi-auto version are modified original German MG34s that have been remanufactured using genuine parts and shoots closed bolt. You will find the detailed workmanship of this remanufactured weapon to be very close to the original.

Includes: Manual and 50 round belt, and ATF approval letter

Also available with modified grip for sale in California

States with magazine/belt restrictions will receive five 10-Round belts.
This firearm has a billet aluminum upper and lower and is hard black anodized. A newly designed buffer system with rear sling attachment is included.

Accessories are sold separately. Pricing and models may change without notice.
Dealers send FFL for volume discount pricing.

Call for Availability (503) 429-5001
SDI Rifle
Price: $995.00
Price: $1,495.00
This new gas impingement AR style Rifle is currently available in .223. It has a billet aluminum upper and lower and is hard black anodized. Also included is the free floating front hand guard. A lot of Value at a great price.
Dealers send FFl for volume discount pricing.
This advanced firearm has a quick change barrel and gas piston system like no other in the industry. This is the only AR style rifle with “Hot Swap” technology allowing the user to swap the barrel and gas system in seconds for a sustained fire situation similar to a SAW. The SGP is manufactured with a billet upper and lower.

Call for Availability (503) 429-5001